There is no better feeling than having people engaged with your product.  The radio broadcast medium gave me an avenue for that engagement. It is time to move my product to another medium while continuing to contribute to the radio business that I love.

I’ve always believed that I had something worthwhile to say (that's why I got into the business in the first place) but as no one would or should listen to an eighteen year old kid, it was a full fifteen years later that I got my voice.  I did every kind of show on the FM dial from mornings to overnights but just being funny wasn’t really enough. Talk radio then became my home. With no advertising other than word of mouth, my show became a powerhouse within the market, and I had that success while managing the production department for the station. Working my lips to the gum was something I was proud of (and still am) but, as radio is notoriously unsustainable (a nice word for cheap) I decided to strike out on my own.

I have extensive experience entertaining people and providing a point of view on many issues. In today's fast moving media world finding a way t cut through is difficult, let me make it possible for to talk directly to your clients, so you can sell yourself and your product.

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