Feminism isn’t a thing.

The civil rights movement has been taken over by those who seek to subvert its entire reason for existing. In the days of MLK civil right meant one thing, to be accepted as a person with the same rights and responsibilities as anyone else. To be considered equally human in the eyes of the law. Today the civil rights movement has changed, using a banner of victim-hood to set oneself apart, extinguishing the rights of others as they are the evil oppressors. If it were true that a person's humanity were in question through the direct action of others then a case could be made to write the wrongs of oppression. That truth (that so many believe in) just doesn’t exist.

The warriors of social justice, use violence, anger, hate, derision, division and destruction to frighten the public into state of anxiety only equaled by terrorist with head in hand. If you do not bow to their wishes and accept their world view you are open for attack. Your job could be at risk, your family could be in danger, your very life could end because others claim to be your victim.

Feminists are members of the social justice warrior cult. Claiming the world is out to get them and using that moral high ground like a sniper taking out the high value targets of liberty and self determination. To fight them we must take out this majestic moral mountain by showing their quest for equality and it’s fruits are not shared equally. As the feminists claim to suffer in America (really all of the western world) they ignore the real suffering of women who cower under evil cultures that normalize rape and assault. Feminists shout “NO MEANS NO,” while denying abuse could happen to a man (or boy). If they really believed in the virtues they purport to, the defense of them would not stop at a border line or sexual designation.

Men are in trouble today, we’re in a bad way. Suicide is height, rights are low and we’re falling behind in education and economics. Unfortunately the discussion of men's issues takes focus away from the feminist cause so no matter the suffering any mention of men’s issues must be stamped out. You see it’s not the equitable nature of a Utopian society they wish for, it is the subjugation of others for personal grievance.

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