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Radio is a difficult career, no matter how good you are, or how good the ratings, you can be shown the door at any time. It took a while for me to understand that. In my early days I thought it would be just a matter

of time before I was in the big city with great numbers and great fans, untouchable by the suites. I was wrong. Now large market radio may be different I don’t really know, I’ve been bouncing around small cities my entire life. In small markets the air talent is just another expense that can be cut. I started building other skills, programming, production, station event planning, marketing ext. In hopes that my value would be great enough that the job would be more stable. It didn’t work. So now I’m moving on from a business I love and taking what I’ve learned to another medium. Not because I would have done it on my own, I don’t know how to quit a job, I was shown the door.

On the same day I was let go so was Tim or “Skeeter” as many may know him. I enjoyed working with him, he’s one the nicest and most sincere people I know and as much as I worry about where the future will take me I felt the same for him. Skeeter is taking another path, he is getting out of radio too but he’s not doing the same thing I am, Skeeter is going to be a real person, a working man with some great stories highlighting a life in radio and in the music industry and I wish him well.

I had a little chat with him and he seems to be doing just fine.

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