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I guess ratings and rantings are more important that truth and the well being of the American people. We all know that stories about Russian collusion are nothing more than the rankings of insane left wingers who would like nothing more that to march Trump and everyone who voted for him to a gas filled room, and now the republicans are getting into the act. When I say there is no difference between the republican and democrat party, it is because that the rollers of both parties believe themselves to be superior to you and that they should be in charge as the are the elite of the country. Those elites do not represent you and do not have your best interests in mind, remember that and when you read the news you will understand the world just a little clearer…

Today’s Story Links:

Jared Kushner Details Russia Meetings, Denies Collusion President’s son-in-law and adviser spoke with ambassador Sergei Kislyak at event at Washington hotel

Jeb Bush calls Republicans hypocrites over Trump’s Russia connections — then conservatives hit back

Tapper: 'Russia Hacked The Election'

Jill Stein issues brutal attack on Dems for Russia ‘conspiracy theories’ — then liberals lose it


Democrats attempt rebranding with populist new agenda

Chuck Schumer: Single-payer health care ‘on the table’ for Democrats

State instructs schools to ‘segregate’ students who feel uncomfortable with transgender bathrooms

Watch: Al Gore refuses to give direct answer when confronted over bogus 2006 claims on climate change

Commentary: The 6 biggest reasons I’m a climate-change skeptic — and why you should be a skeptic too

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