You’re not going to just stop speaking. The government telling you to shut up directly would be met with rebellion and revolution. Government has to give you a reason to give up your liberties. That’s how it worked with property rights and the 4th amendment. Civil Asset Forfeiture (the ability for government to take your property without ever having charged your with a crime) was sold as a way to go get those evil drug dealers that are causing so much crime and death in the community. The destruction of the 4 amendment happened as a measure to keep you safe from terrorists. Now they want to take your freedom to speak away from you, and how will they sell it? Well let’s just say no one approves of child sex slavery do they…

Today’s Podcast Links:

Europe battles Google News over 'snippet tax' proposal

Senate launches bill to remove immunity for websites hosting illegal content, spurred by

Experimental protein reactors produce basic food from carbon dioxide and electricity

Special Counsel Robert Mueller Impanels Washington Grand Jury in Russia Probe

Wolf Blitzer Humiliates Colleague Over Quality Of Her White House Sources

WATCH: Sarah Huckabee Sanders BLASTS Media Over Their Stupid Russia Conspiracy Theories

Swing State BOMBSHELL: Democrat Election Official Admits Illegal Votes 'Slip Through'

North Carolina passes campus free-speech law Fido And Fluffy Are Ruining The Environment, UCLA Study Says

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