Where is the line between freedom and tyranny. If the government were to deploy troops in your home or conduct public political executions tomorrow we would all know that freedom is over in America. So the trick for government is to grow slow enough and in the right places as to construct a tyranny without people knowing. Some would say it’s like a frog in boiling water, but I see it more like immigration. One of the reasons why I believe that immigration must be stopped (a complete moratorium) for at least two generations is so that immigrants can integrate into our society and understand what is expected to live in our society. If people are surrounded by good Americans over a long period of time they will simply start taking on those characteristics. With tyranny we are exposed to real overreaching government in small ways then as we get used to it (saying that’s just the way it’s done) we become used to and more open to larger usurpations of our rights... TSA anyone?

Today’s Story Links:

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China holds drill to shut down 'harmful' websites

Thousands of supporters, protesters gather at Huntington Trump rally

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Sen. John McCain aims to revive immigration reform when he returns to Congress

Here’s why dozens of bikers showed up to escort a kid to school

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