You can only have one opinion, any other opinion, even one supported by facts makes you a bad person and you must be destroyed. This is at the heart of political discourse today and the left has turned their anger more clearly on the people of the United States and not just the president. You must believe in their doctrines. You must pray to their idols and ideologies. Anything short of total acceptance and adherence, any decent makes you a danger and you must be killed. This is the left this is the Democrat party and their is no one to protect you...

Today’s Story Links:

Rubicon: WaPo Op-Ed Openly Calls For Political Violence

Radical leftist groups continue to call for more battles in the street

Former Clinton campaign spokesman’s Antifa comparison might just make you nauseous

Pastor Wants Presidents’ Names Removed From Washington, Jackson Parks Over Ties To Slavery

Fox's Shep Smith: We couldn't find a Republican willing to come on and defend Trump

Don Lemon scolds Trump supporters: If you support Trump, you’re ‘complicit’ in racism

According to Michael Moore, all Trump supporters are racists and this type of criminal

Poll: 60% Of Trump Supporters Say He Couldn't Do ANYTHING To Alienate Them

Fox News Host Eboni K. Williams on Receiving Death Threats After Segment Criticizing Trump

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