Problems exist within our country. Problems that many people don’t want to admit. Problems that others use falsely to justify their argument for supremacy. Police are a problem. Yes, police are a systemic problem in the United States. Is it because they are racist, No, in fact that accusation is so demonstrably false that no part of it can be accepted thereby creating a dichotomy of intractable factions. Faction A, believes in, and repeats the accusation of racism because they wish it to be true. Permanently relieving them of personal responsibility. Faction B, is so angry and frightened at Faction A for this obviously dangerous false narrative (that negates the progress of society) that they side unconditionally with the police, or more importantly with the state (government) that empowers police to a point that justifies any and all actions that are taken. Forgetting that police officers are human (who make mistakes and are capable of evil just like anyone else) and should be held accountable for actions in contrast to the constitutional rights of others. We must ignore false arguments, and deride sycophantic notions of government purity and righteousness, seeking only the truth. The truth is that police are not the protectors of the constitution or the rights of the American people. Police are people with jobs, that’s it. Unfortunately the jobs they hold are entrusted with great power over your life and protection from accountability, ensuring they are being judged differently than any other normal person with a job… This is a problem that exists, and we must deal with it now before it’s too late…


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