There are not a lot of ways to say this, government is just bad. The entire institution is corrupt and bad from top to bottom, but it is necessary. We have to have some rules to live by. You can’t even play a game without rules. Think of rules as a common language that we all share when trying to accomplish well anything. So rules are good. Infact rules are so good that when used as a measuring stick against the common goals and rights of humans you can figure out how badly your government is working. It's really simple, you take the rules that are being enforced and to what level they are being enforced (are they killing people, or just a slap on the wrist kind of thing) and divide that by common sense and decency and you’ve got your answer. Today government is doing a lot of things that are really bad, and even when they try to do good things, they do them so badly that we think the good thing was bad in the first place. So with all this bad being done why would we let the government do more, even if that more is good, because we know it will go bad… See simple…


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Young people are more interested in threesomes than ever

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