Are we brainwashed, am I brainwashed? Conditioned to think that the only way is to vote republican, so much so that when I hear that a democrat wins an election my chest tightens. After all I’m not the biggest fan of republicans, I think they are lairs. Every promise that we put them in office to take care of they have failed. In fact in many cases they make things worse, for our economy and our liberty. So why should I have a visceral reaction to a democrat being elected? Conditioning, yes but also the quality of people and rhetoric coming from the democrat party… We must break this cycle of conditioning. The conditioning that tells us that we only have two choices. The two parties have failed the people and it’s time to go another way, no matter how difficult that road may be…

Story Links:

  • Virginia elects Democrat governor, in rejection of Trumpism

  • Dems win from coast to coast

  • Major Democratic donor says party has gone too far left: ‘Hopefully, we’ll get our sh*t together’

  • FBI initially called Clinton’s handling of classified information ‘grossly negligent’

  • Don Lemon’s embarrassing anti-prayer, anti-gun monologue

  • 4-Minute Buzz: Andrew Cuomo slams Republicans offering ‘prayers’ for Texas

  • Left-wing prof after Texas church shooting: ‘Whiteness…when it feels threatened…lashes out’

  • Dem Congressman Who Walked Out On Moment Of Silence for Texas Victims Gets Into Twitter Battle With Shapiro. That's A Mistake.

  • Warren Attacks NRA. Shapiro Wrecks Her With One Tweet.

  • Hero Stephen Willeford Used An AR-15 To Take Down Texas Shooter


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