The news of sexual assault is getting out of control. Every day someone else is being taken down by new accusations. Are the accusations true? No one really know. Do the accusations have to be true for it to have an effect? Unfortunately no. And as there is no proof of the validity of the accusations, there is also no way to disprove them so people rely on their own personal prejudices to decide whether that person is a creep or not. In the meantime people’s lives are being damaged… People are out of control and lobbying allegations with no way to prove them in hopes of getting some cash or notoriety, or worse to control the hearts and minds of others. This will end badly. Eventually no one will care any longer about sexual assault, because the vultures have cried wolf too many times, and real victims will suffer…

Story Links:

  • Woman says Roy Moore initiated sexual encounter when she was 14, he was 32

  • Louis C.K. Is Accused by 5 Women of Sexual Misconduct

  • Dan Rather accuses GOP Va. governor nominee of ‘dirty campaign,’ silent on racist anti-Gillespie ad

  • EXCLUSIVE – EXPERT: Iran Already Has Nuclear Weapons, Obama’s Iran Deal A Total ‘Joke’

  • Uber's loss of key appeal over drivers' rights could have far-reaching consequences

  • A Georgia teacher lost his job for this threat toward a student in the classroom (video)

  • New video shows Texas church shooting heroes talking with cops minutes after pursuing the shooter

  • Armed intruders trying to rob home, kidnap teen girl have change of heart when Dad emerges with gun

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