Evidence is important… Actual tangible facts that are used to judge a situation justly and righteously. Without evidence courts are nothing more than rumor mills that are empowered to take your life, and politics is nothing more survival of the dirtiest. Maybe that’s where we are today. OK, then fine at least let’s play by the same rule-book… For some politician of the left to be brought down by a story it takes a hell of a lot more than allegations. It requires tangible, physical, undeniable proof of the act… Had there been no dress then Monica Lewinsky would be a name no one ever heard of… Had there been no pictures, Anthony Wiener would be VP… So why is it that those on the right won’t fight by the same rules. Do they want to lose?

Story Links:

  • WATCH: CNN’s Jake Tapper Admits Clinton Accusers Weren’t Given The Same Respect As Moore Accusers

  • Former mall worker in Roy Moore’s hometown confirms embarrassing rumor

  • LISTEN: Curious Robocall Seeks ‘Damaging’ Information On Moore

  • Sean Hannity issues a tough ultimatum to Roy Moore over accusations

  • RNC cuts off Moore The national party pulls out of a fundraising pact with the Alabama candidate, further isolating him.

  • Mitch McConnell publicly floats Jeff Sessions as write-in alternative to Roy Moore

  • An Alabama Senate Candidate Keeps Democratic Leaders Away — but Not Their Money

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