Nothing ever works the way you want it to. Ever. After some time and experience you may be able to predict how things are going to go, but it will never go the way you want it to deep down inside. Put together some IKEA furniture and you’ll know what I mean. Even if you are the smartest and best well trained engineers and scientist in the world you still end up with a Hubble space telescope that needs glasses. With policy it’s the same. I have a clear view of the way things should be, and in my mind it seems so obvious but, truth is even if those policies were to come about overnight there would be problems. It would be foolish to think any answer is the universal perfect answer. Most politicians (really all) lie to the people, the question is to what scale. Is it everything they promised or did they do at least something they said they would do. Once in awhile comes along someone that actually tries to do what he said he would do. Refreshing, but there are still problems…


  • November nonfarm payrolls rise 228,000 vs. 200,000 est.

  • Mueller’s Investigation Just Got Some Insurance

  • Rep. Jim Jordan demands Jeff Sessions appoint special counsel to probe Clinton campaign—or step down

  • TRUMP BREAKS CNN: Network Admits President Is ‘Keeper Of Promises’

  • WATCH: HISTORIC: President Trump's Speech Recognizing Jerusalem As Capital Of Israel

  • Jerusalem riots spread to Indonesia and Malaysia as terror group Hamas promises ‘day of rage’ over Trump over embassy move

  • Scientists ‘Inject’ Information Into Monkeys’ Brains

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