My Conspiracy Theory

Here’s my conspiracy. I don’t want to call it a “theory” because I don’t really believe it myself. Let just call it a thought, a “Conspiracy Thought.” First here’s what we know. Government power is routinely used against the American people (IRS scandal, NSA spying, The TSA, you get the picture)... We also know the government power is used for personal gain, all the time. How many people leave Washington poorer than they were coming in, not many. Most officials make their fortune in halls of power. The Clintons were those kind of people. From renting out the Lincoln bedroom, to getting paid hundreds of thousands for speaking engagements Bill and Hillary went from virtually nothing to houses and hundreds of millions of dollars. There’s no way to account for every cent so we must conclude there’s a lot going on that the public knows nothing about. The same could be said for many others which makes private deals, in and of themselves unremarkable. The question is how far, do you think, Bill and Hillary would go. Where would they draw the line. Looking at their past may give you a clue. One, they have been involved in plenty of scandals and never really been held accountable, a condition that may make them feel untouchable and more willing to trek further down the rabbit hole. We also know that the truth will never come out unless there has been DNA recovered, so deceit is not beyond their ability. Two, the Clintons set up a charity that by all accounts was used to basically launder money, O yeah and steel it from Haiti (It takes an amazing person to use the deaths of untold thousands to get rich). And Three, Hillary's reaction to the killing of Muammar Gaddafi (a joyful coldness), was as jaring as cracking open Dahmer's fridge. Lies, Death, and stealing from the poorest on the planet are all things the Clintons have a proven willingness to do, so ask yourself, what about selling secrets for money? By comparison it doesn’t seem like a big deal. The Clinton foundation received vast sums of cash from Russia, and at some point the deal for Uranium One was struck. A transfer of U.S. stockpiles of Uranium into Russian hands. The details can be explained away (like they always are, lawyers tend to get their stories straight) but ultimately the skeem looks dirty. Either way it proves a profound relationship maintained by the Clintons with the Russians. What if the Russians wanted more than just Uranium holdings? What if they wanted intelligence? Could U.S. top secret documents be part of the deal that Bill and Hillary struck for major donations to The Clinton Foundation? We’ll never know. If it were a part of the deal a slick way to create a “plausibly deniable,” transfer medium would be a private email server with virtually no security. Sorry America I was “Careless” with our national security and the Russians hacked my server. “Well,” you could say “They didn’t get anything of value in the hack.” We do not know what information the Russians (or anyone else) procured from the hack. A goodly portion of Hillary’s emails are still missing. The reason why I bring this up is not because of the quirky investigation into Hillary's email server but because of the stated reason why she was not brought up on charges. Both James Comey and President Obama made it clear that Hillary showed no “intent.” She was careless, stupid or unprofessional but she didn’t “intend” to broadcast top secret information all over the globe. Why is the intent so important? Ask yourself this? If you were to take money in exchange for top secret information that you gathered through your powerful position in government would you not be guilty of treason? More frightening is the fact the most powerful person in the country Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States knew about her private email server, did nothing about it, and then lied to the American people. See Berry, was emailing Hillary with a fake name. A bad idea that was supposed to be kept hidden and when Obama was asked about Hillary’s email server the president said that he learned about it when it came out in the news. Simply not true. Weather Obama was involved or he was simply trying to protect the legacy of his administration, he covered up for Hillary, and it seems as if that cover up continued with the Obama DOJ, and FBI. It’s clear that someone was pulling the strings, making this tune playout at just the right tempo. Refusing to press charges, shutting down investigations but doing so in a way that would look official (if still curious). Now, a full year after Hillary was sent packing at the polls we’re getting a new window into what was and is going on at the FBI. A trove of text messages, some cryptic, some clear, causing us to ask even more questions than we had before. Now if this was all part of an escape plan why would you ever let those text messages out? Government power has to give way to physics. Someone had the messages, and at some point they were going to come out, It is better to control their release then be blindsided. Plus in this case there’s a couple of people that can set up and made the heart of the investigation. The text messages prove some important points. One, the Hillary Clinton investigation was being orchestrated and its outcome was predetermined. And Two, the people sending the text messages had a motive to intervene on Hillary’s behalf. Both, loved Hillary and hated Donald Trump, and that bias can be used muddy the waters so that we never get a clear picture of who did what when. Plus with all the new questions to be asked in the FBI corruption story, this could go on for quite a long time. There will be some righteous fury for a couple of weeks. Then the public will begin to tire and wonder why we're still talking about this. There will be some good TV and we may get to see “Trey Gowdy Porn,” on YouTube but ultimately it will be dismissed from the public's attention. People will go back to talk of taxes, healthcare, education, crazy stories from Florida, and trying to figure out what their crotch looks like (and if it’s looks matches their personality). This is the way they want it. “Hold on, who’s they?” Everybody. There is no one in the ruling class that want’s a truth of this magnitude to be sprung on the people. Give them the story (or part of it) but slowly, so that by the time they know everything, they also no longer care. Just imagine if it were true. Headline Bill and Hillary proven to commit high treason against the United States. What would that world look like? Well first Billy, Hilly couldn’t do this alone, people would have to had helped them so it would implicate god knows how many, breaking down all trust in the U.S. government as an institution. There would be never ending which hunts for anybody and everybody involved bringing the country (not just it’s government) to a screeching halt. Then on the other side you would have the “True Believers” the ones that think Hillary can do no wrong, doing and saying everything necessary to protect their great leader. We would be lucky to get through it without a civil war. So, everyone in the government (good, bad, Republican, Democrat) would get behind a plan they believe would prevent the centralized government power they have been amassing for far more than a century from being wiped clean in one night. If everyone with power, everyone trusted with authority is dirty (whether of their own volition, or through a corrupt sense of the greater good) then how are we ever supposed to have a government of, by, and for, the people?

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