People that crave new content and those that support it are the reason why media exists. Thank you for enquiring about the show and thank you for helping to make it a success.


There are several sponsorship opportunities for you to consider:

Support my                      page.


What is Patreon?

Become a Web Supporter

Get your banner with link to your webpage included on my website, plus special attention on my social networking pages. I will push people to my webpage on every show and with twitter, in the process I will be pushing people to you.


Let's make Supporter Video

Are you an interesting person, with an interesting business that people should get to know better? Then let’s talk. It’s super simple, we have a chat, take some video, have a little fun and all while, get to know your business. I produce and post the video to my youtube feed and produce a version with your branding that you can post on your personal social network.  We work together to bring support to each others brand and you get a chance to show your customers the real you.


The video should total around five minutes.


I will then also produce one :30 second and one :60 second radio commercial (using the material we recorded and) with my voice over, for you to use however you wish.


This project is all about you and your business, and all for what it would cost for an advertising agency to produce two radio commercials.


Any questions send me a message 

Pricing may change without notice, any and all travel expenses are not included in pricing. The terms on this website do not constitute a contract for services.

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